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Seal Beach is the Orange County in California for which Binoye Jos is the best child custody attorney. Matters of child custody are properly handled by the Law family which is strictly committed towards the duty and the responsibilities towards their client with all the legal help. Jos Family Law helps in dealing with the hardest and emotional cases of Child Custody. This type of custody generally holds up allot of pressure and effort for making the best decision and sum up for the child.

It always holds and caries the interest of the child which is the most important part of the whole case. In child custody matter, preferences and interest of the child is always considered so that the child can open and make a move for the whole procedures. All the process of the Child custody is the most sentimental and emotional time which parent and along with the child has to face. Clients are properly heard and understand during the whole process and also get too informed about each and every activities of the legal process.


In the cases of Child custody, parents often use their child as a weapon against each other so, that they can win the trust of the judge and after that win the case which is totally inappropriate because whenever these types of situations occurs, it is the child who suffers the most with the mental, physical and spiritual difficulties and put down them with more and more pain.

JOS FAMILY LAW we provides you with such types of attorneys which are backed up with full knowledge and understanding for how to handle and deal with these types of situations. Binoye Jos as an attorney helps and supports his each and every client in a very proper manner while dealing with their sentiments and emotions. He tries to make and understand the couple which comes up with Child custody matters to work out with their issues and all problems outside of the court or by a proper and sound conversation because the child will has to face many problems if the matter expands and reaches to the door of the Court.

“Child preference and interest” is also seen and considered very seriously in this type of matter because it the child who’s future is going to be developed and grow and if the child will face any difficulty in this and it will also distract the physical and mental growth.

In Orange County, judge tries to make the decision in the “best interest of the child “. That simply means that the judge will consider and look through all the important and necessary factors for the benefits of the child like – health, education, well being, surroundings, community, etc. And if you are dealing with such type of situations and looking for an experienced and understanding attorney to handle these cases related to child custody, then you are at the right platform, Jos Family Law helps to provide the best and effective attorney for you. Call us at - (714) 733-7066) or visit us at .

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If one person files a Request for Order, the other person can answer by filing and serving a Responsive Declaration. That declaration can only respond to the same issues raised in the Request for Order.

For example, if the Request for Order seeks to modify custody, the Responsive Declaration cannot raise the issue of Child Support. This also applies to the moving party’s reply brief which cannot expand beyond the scope of their own Request for Order.

A request for orders should be accompanied by a carefully worded Declaration in Support. That declaration should include all the facts why the Court should grant the motion. For example, the requesting party should establish the extent of the bond formed with the child. Before the relationship ended, how much time did the requesting party spend with the child? Did the requesting party prepare the child’s meals? Help him or her with homework? When is the requesting party seeking to visit with the child? Will his or her work schedule permit time with the child? The moving party should attach photos of the child, text messages to the other parent or any other information that is relevant to the situation.

If the requesting parent has not met the child, what is the reason for that? Has he or she tried to establish a bond with the child. If the other parent denied visitation, the requesting parent should attach all text messages or emails showing requests to visit the child.

What the requesting parent should never do is insult the other parent. Leave the judgments to the Court. Focusing on the facts helps establish credibility with the Court. If there are any facts that the other person may use against you, it is a good idea to acknowledge such facts, explain what happened and state anything that has changed since the incident.

For example, if the other parent denied you visitation due to drug use, provide evidence of your rehabilitation and your commitment to sobriety. For example, sobriety meetings typically provide proof of attendance to participants.

In such cases, be aware that the Court may initially order that any visitation be supervised. The Court may also order you to submit to periodic drug tests. However, based on Family Code Section 3041.5, such tests must use the “least intrusive means” meaning that hair follicle testing cannot be ordered.

If you are awarded supervised visitation, you can requesting that the Court schedute a review hearing six months later. This provides you with the opportunity to prove that you have changed by committing to your sobriety. You can use the visitations to rebuild trust with your child as trust can often be destroyed by addiction.

At JOS FAMILY LAW, we know no one is perfect. Even if you have experienced addiction in the past, you can still be the parent your child deserves. Call Attorney Binoye Jos at (714) 733-7066 and find out what your options are.