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Binoye Jos is the best Child Custody attorney, if you live in or near Santa Ana. He is a compassionate, competent, experienced attorney whose focus is on finding a solution that is in your child’s best interests, and treats each client as his most important. Mr. Jos will vigorously fight for your rights as a parent, and will do so with your child’s best interests as his focal point.

Parental alienation happens more often than most people imagine. What parents often don’t know is that parental alienation is a form of psychological abuse, and the resulting damage is severe. Child victims of parental alienation, once they become adults, will have learned these negative behaviors and often repeat them, with negative impacts on their romantic relationships and their children.

Santa Ana Child Custody attorney

Children who are victimized by an alienating parent often will say anything to please that parent. Some psychologists and therapists can even make the situation worse, if they have not been properly trained to recognize the signs of parental alienation. Even some well-experienced doctors can confuse parental alienation with some forms of child abuse, as they believe what the children are saying about the alienated parent, thus giving the doctor the incorrect impression that the child is suffering abuse by the alienated parent when, in fact, it is the parent who is committing acts contributing to parental alienation who is the abuser. contact at orange county child custody attorney.

Some major tactics used by an alienating parent during a divorce proceeding are:

  1. accusing the other parent of domestic violence, when none has occurred;
  2. badmouthing the other parent at every turn;
  3. accusing the other parent of physical abuse;
  4. accusing the other parent of sexual abuse; and
  5. accusing the other parent of not providing for the children.

These are some of the common tactics used by bitter parents during a divorce proceeding. Unfortunately, some parents engage in these kinds of behaviors unknowingly. Our minds have a way of playing games, especially in circumstances where emotions run high. Therefore, parents often totally believe that what they are saying is true. Although, of course, there are instances where the above behaviors are actually happening, it is more often the case that such accusations are the creation of our own minds, especially when there is animosity over the reasons leading to divorce. Choose the best santa ana divorce attorney.

As a counselor, a good attorney may suggest that their clients seek therapy to resolve these issues, for the purpose of lessening anger toward the other parent and, instead, act in a manner that promotes the best interests of the children.

At JOS FAMILY LAW , a child custody matter is not just a job to do or another client to handle. We do our very best to seek that which is in the best interests of each child. Mr. Jos has experienced his own extensive child custody litigation, and understands the emotional toll it can be on parents and children. Every single day, we look forward to helping one parent and one child at a time.

As a California Certified Family Lawyer Specialist near me, Ms. Jos Family Law knowledge and experience to help clients obtain the most beneficial outcome in a wide range of legally complicated and emotionally charged issues, including divorce, adoption, child custody, spousal support, child support, visitation, domestic violence, legal separation, paternity, property division, and mediated divorce. Contact Family Law Attorney Jos Family Law for skilled legal guidance and answers. Call (714) 733-7066 and schedule an invitation to discuss your condition. From two Suitable offices, The Law Firm of Jos Family Law, APLC serves clients in Santa Ana, California. Contact the best Santa Ana Family Law Attorney.

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With his legal practice focused totally on family law matters, Ms. Jos can ensure personalized support and support to each client from the first time they step into her office through the conclusion of their statutory case. To be certified as an expert in Family Law lawyer, Ms. Jos has completed rigorous standards that show a high level of knowledge, education, and experience in this field. The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization certifies only too many lawyers who have demonstrated expertise in each area of family law. With over 20 years of experience, Family Lawyer Jos Family Law has earned and has continued to maintain the Certified Family Law Specialist designation. Contact at the best santa ana family law attorney.

Feel free to reach out to us at (714) 733-7066 or We look forward to discussing your matter in detail, as you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

The petitioner in a paternity case will usually file a request for temporary orders for custody and visitation. Before the request can be heard by the Judge, the parties must go through mediation based on Family Code Section 3170 as that code section mandates mediation.

Depending on each county, mediation either permits the mediator to make recommendations to the Court or not. In Orange County, mediators do not make recommendations.

Mediators are not attorneys. Instead, their education, training and experience is in resolving family conflicts. They are paid by the Court to interview both parents and prepare a report on the issues which are then filed with the Court.

Sometimes, if there is a history of domestic violence between the parents, each parent will be interviewed alone. If not, the parents will be interviewed in the same meeting. The mediator will ask each parent what type of custody arrangement they would like and the reasons for their choices. If the meeting results in an agreement, the mediator will prepare a Parenting Plan which will be filed with the Court. At the hearing, the Judge will ask both parties if they want the Court to adopt the plan as the Order of the Court. If approved, then the plan will be signed by the Judge at that hearing.

Santa Ana Child Custody attorney

If the parents agree on some parts of parenting timeshare such as a holiday schedule, then the mediator will prepare a Partial Parenting Plan which will be filed with the Court.

If mediation does not result in an agreement, then the report will declare ‘no agreement reached,” and then the hearing can be held on the request for order. Any order made will be temporary until the case proceeds to Judgment. In a Paternity case, since it is the only issue, the parents may request that the temporary orders be incorporated as the Judgment.

The Judgment will also state that both parents have established their parental relationship to the child or children. If at the hearing on Judgment, the Court states that the custodial orders are “Montenegro” orders, this signifies that the Court will not change the orders unless a motion can establishes that there has been a “significant change of circumstances.”

If you would like a professional opinion on your temporary orders or need help preparing your case for Trial, call Attorney Binoye Jos at (714) 733-7066.

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Divorcing parents are concerned about a variety of issues, including custody. There are other choices to be made, such as whether parents would have joint custody or if one parent will have complete custody and the other will have visitation. Will they make decisions together, or will one parent have the final say on issues such as medical care and education? How should parental time be divided?

For all of these vital issues & more, you need a seasoned Santa Ana Family Law Attorney. When parents divorce, each parent is still financially responsible for their children. When a couple divorces, one of the parents must petition the court for an order establishing child custody, property division, child support, & more.

How to File & Prepare for a Child Custody Case

Whether you get along with your kid's other parent or not, asking a court to decide where your child will reside and who will make choices for your child is terrifying and stressful. If you're facing a custody hearing, it's critical that you do all of the appropriate actions.

Types of Child Custody

Legal Custody. In family law situations, legal custody orders for children address decision-making authority. The party having legal custody has the legal authority to make choices about the children's medical treatment, education, and general well-being. Unless there is a compelling basis to do differently, the family court will usually order parents to share - joint legal custody of minor children.

Physical Custody. In family law proceedings, physical custody orders for children address where the children will physically reside as well as particular scheduling for co-parenting. Physical child custody orders fall into two categories: shared physical custody or primary custody to one parent (custodial parent) and visitation rights to the other (non-custodial parent).

Modifying Child Custody in Orange County

With rare exceptions, once a child custody order is established, it is difficult to change. When requesting a modification to an existing custody order, the petitioning party must establish that there has been a real & significant change in circumstances warranting amending the existing custody order provisions. This principle was established in the case of Montenegro v. Diaz (2001) 26 Cal. 4th 249.

A change in circumstances might include a change in schedule, a move of one or both parents, a job loss, a physical issue, or any number of substantial events impacting either parent's capacity to follow the old custody arrangement.

In order to proceed with a change in the absence of approval from the other parent, The seeking party must petition the court to schedule a mediation session with Family Court Services as well as a court hearing on the topic of child custody modification.

Orders for Emergency Child Custody

In general, a family court judge will not grant emergency custody orders unless there is proof that the minor child faces immediate danger or removal from the state of California without the express approval of the other parent.

If a real threat arises, it is critical that you act quickly. If this is the case, contact Jos Family Law, the best Santa Ana Family Law Attorney, right away so that we can appear in family court on your behalf within 48 hours to pursue emergency child custody orders.

At Jos Family Law we are available to provide free consultations, at any time, including the weekends or evenings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Santa Ana, child custody is determined based on what is in the best interests of the child. The court considers various factors such as the child's age, health, & relationship with each parent. It likewise takes into account the ability of each parent to provide for the child's(children's) physical & emotional needs.

Legal custody in Santa Ana means the right to make critical parenthood choices, including education & healthcare. Physical custody actually refers to where the child primarily resides. It can be sole (one parent has primary physical custody) or joint (both parents share physical custody).

Yes, under certain circumstances, grandparents can obtain custody of their grandchildren. If the parents can't care for the kid, the court may give custody to the grandparents. The court always emphasizes the child's best interests while deciding custody.

In some cases, a child's preferences may be taken into consideration, especially if they are older & mature enough to express their desires. However, the ultimate decision is made by the court based on the child's best interests, & not solely on the child's preference.

If there is a significant transformation in the circumstances, either parent in O.C. can request a modification of the Santa Ana custody order. This may involve filing a petition with the court & providing evidence to support the requested modification. The court will then review the evidence & make a decision based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Relocation with a child after a custody order is in place requires the permission of the court. The parent wishing to relocate must demonstrate a legitimate reason for the move & show that it is in the best interests of the child. If the other parent objects to the relocation, a hearing may be scheduled to determine the outcome.