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Binoye Jos is the best child custody attorney in Fullerton. Child custody matters take into consideration all the issues, big and small, concerning future living arrangements for the child, including parenting time of the nocustodial parent.

Child custody is the most vital aspect of any separation and/or divorce action in court. It is of utmost importance to each child that their parents make the best, most responsible decisions possible when choosing an attorney to represent them throughout the child custody process. The courts require strict adherence to many rules and regulations in every child custody case. Since child custody is so emotionally charged, child custody decisions are – and should be – some of the most difficult decisions of one’s life. The health and wellbeing of your child are at stake, and every good parent wants to do whatever is in their child’s best interests. These decisions must be made with utmost sincerity by both parents, and in a manner that ensures that each child is served in a manner that is most beneficial to them.


At JOS FAMILY LAW , you can rest assured that your case is being handled by an experienced attorney who possesses not only the knowledge and understanding required to navigate your case and negotiate on your behalf, but one who also cares deeply about your matter and will give you the best possible legal advice and services.

Unfortunately, some parents use their child as a weapon against the other parent. This is so detrimental to the child, who will ultimately suffer the most with mental, physical, and spiritual difficulties that will cause them undue and utterly undeserved pain, often for many years past the time when they reach the age of majority.

At JOS FAMILY LAW , Binoye Jos helps and supports each and every client in a manner that takes into account all the sentiments and emotions that accompany any child custody case. Mr. Jos assists his clients to work with opposing parents as much as possible in order to handle as many issues as possible before involving the courts.

In Orange County, the court’s decisions regarding child custody arrangements are based on many factors, including:
  1. The suitability of living arrangements for the child
  2. Each parent’s history of abuse and/or violence
  3. Each parent’s criminal background
  4. The educational needs of the child

When parents no longer live together, and depending on the age and emotional maturity of the child, the courts often take into consideration the child’s preference regarding living arrangements. Because a child will be deeply affected by the decisions reached by the courts about which parent the child will live with, and because any and all such decisions will affect the holistic growth and wellbeing of the child, the courts consider input from the child seriously, whenever appropriate.


If you find yourself in a difficult situation regarding child custody issues, you must have an experienced and understanding attorney to help you reach a resolution that best suits you and your child. Feel free to contact JOS FAMILY LAW, and we will help you throughout the child custody process in the most seamless manner possible. Call us at (714) 733-7066, or contact us via email at We look forward to serving you.

Another factor the Court considers in awarding Spousal Support is each party’s needs, based on the standard of living established during the marriage. For example, in an affluent marriage where one spouse became accustomed to shopping at upscale stores every weekend, that spouse’s needs will be higher than someone is not so accustomed.

However, the Court also considers the Supported Party’s other sources of income. For example, what if the supported party is now living with a non-married partner who is paying some or all his or her living expenses? In this case, the Court can consider this as evidence of a decreased need for support.

There must be some facts indicating a romantic relationship meaning this will not apply to a room-mate situation. If shown, the burden of proof then shifts to the supported party to prove that his or her need for support has not decreased despite the non-marital partner’s contribution to their living expenses.

If, in a long-term marriage, the supported party’s needs change because that person becomes disabled, the Court can consider increasing the amount of support since that is evidence of increased need. Since predicting what the Court may do requires experience and skill, consider calling JOS FAMILY LAW for a consultation at (714) 733-7066.

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