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If you are searching for the best Child Custody attorney in Fountain Valley, look no further Binoye Jos, of JOS FAMILY LAW , is a compassionate, experienced attorney who will fight for your rights in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective.

Sometimes, even the best parents’ minds are clouded due to the emotional nature of Child Custody proceedings . These parents may even discuss such adult matters with their child. This causes undue hardship on a child, who should be protected from discussions regarding Child Custody, especially when there are hard feelings between the parents. When a child initiates a discussion about these issues, it is best to simply let them know that their parents are working it out, and to change the subject. And if your child continues to obsess about these matters, it may be a good idea to have a therapist speak with your child. At JOS FAMILY LAW, our objective is, of course, to help our clients. In doing so, however, our focus must always be on what is in the best interests of the child.


Family Law is one of the very few practice areas where a good attorney can truly act as a counselor. As such, we at JOS FAMILY LAW have an opportunity to advise our clients when they are acting in a manner that is NOT in the best interests of their child. Unfortunately, some attorneys prefer lengthy litigation over a more peaceful mediation, even when the latter is a more suitable – and much less costly – solution for resolving conflicts that arise when making determinations regarding child custody. The only party who benefits from lengthy litigation is the attorney, and the benefit is purely financial. It is the attorney’s client who suffers.

If you are truly looking for an attorney who will mediate, whenever possible, and will use the courts to make determinations when mediation falls short, feel free to contact JOS FAMILY LAW. We will help you make the transition into your new life as seamless as possible. You may reach us at (714) 733-7066 or via email at We look forward to discussing your Child Custody matter with you, and helping find the solution that best fits your needs and desires.

Another factor the Court considers in awarding Spousal Support is the supported party’s ability to be gainfully employed without interfering with the needs of the children in his or her care. For example, the Court will understand if a spouse chooses to work part-time or on weekends so he or she can pick up the children from school and attend to their needs.

In evaluating the need for Spousal Support, the Court considers the age and health of both parties. This factor can result in extending, withholding, increasing or decreasing spousal support.

For example, in the case of Marriage of Brantner (1977) 67 CA 3d 416, 422-423, the Court refused to set end date for spousal support because the Supported Party had unresolved medical or psychiatric problems that made it hard for him to find suitable employment.

In the case of Marriage of Teegarden (1986) 181 CA3d 401, 409-410, the Court held that it was reversible error to deny spousal support even though it was a seven-and-a-half-year marriage because the supported spouse had a debilitating disease.


Similarly, in the case of Marriage of McClain (2017) 7 CA5th 262, both parties were over age of 65. In this case, the Court assigned a greater weight to the ages of the parties and to their standard of living and focused less on the goal that the wife become self-sufficient.

If your circumstances have changed and you believe you may need an increase in your monthly Spousal Support, contact ATTORNEY BINOYE JOS for a consultation at (714) 733-7066.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The child's age, health, & emotional attachments to each parent, as well as each parent's capacity to provide for the child's physical & emotional requirements, are considered by the court.

In certain circumstances, grandparents or other family members may seek custody or visitation rights. However, the court will always prioritize the best interests of the child when making a decision.

Legal custody in O.C. refers to the authority to make critical determinations regarding the child's upbringing, such as education & healthcare. Physical custody actually refers to where the child primarily resides.

Yes, child custody arrangements in Fountain Valley can be modified if there has been a significant transformation in the circumstances or if it is in the best interests of the child. However, the court will require a valid reason for the modification.

A parenting plan in Fountain Valley is a written agreement that specifies child custody, visitation, decision-making, & other co-parenting issues.

While it is not required, having an experienced family law attorney by your side can greatly increase your chances of achieving a genuine & favorable outcome in your child custody case. An attorney will assist you through the legal process, defend your rights, & advocate for your kid.